Random. Stupid? Thoughts!

Somewhere between struggling to keep my head above the water and treading the desert of life, today… I found my oasis in you. The more I think about you, the more I want to know about you. The more I get to know, the less it becomes. So, tell me everything there is to know and to not know… for I want to become you.

I seek a lifetime’s worth of joy in the fraction of moments we spend together, delicately treasuring those bits… living and reliving them everyday over and over and over again and yet… unable to get enough of it.

How can I not think about you? How can I not adore you? I see you, I feel you, I breathe you, I love you… Am I living you?

What exactly is it that I feel? Oh! it doesn’t really have a name, but… it is deeper than the Challenger, as expansive as the universe, probably blacker than Vantablack, certainly brighter than the sun, perhaps vibrant as a rainbow… and definitely mightier than the Almighty.

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