My 25th Birthday! #authorgauravsharma #speakupwriteaway

It was eleven in the night of March 3, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. Almost everyone in my home was in deep slumber. It was time for me to go to bed. Had it been a normal day, I would have been lost in the world of dreams by then. However, it was not a usual day for me. As soon as India saw March 4th, my cell phone began vibrating like anything. I was prepared for this. I also knew who would call and text me on my birthday. Oh, yes! March 4th is my birthday! You don’t believe me? Try searching ‘When was author Gaurav Sharma Born?’ on Google. Or how about this, ‘Author Gaurav Sharma’s Birthday’?

So, I received a video call from one of my friends from college in Delhi. I was surprisingly happy to see her number on my phone’s screen. She had been quite irregular in the past for wishing me on birthdays. However, this time she made it up by calling few minutes ahead of my birthday in India. The joy of that unexpected call doubled when I saw another video call flashing on my screen while I was attending the first call. What a moment it was. I quickly ran out of my work station with my phone and put that call on conferencing. All three of us had a good chat. I did not want to hang up so early but I had to. Using phone is not allowed at work, you see!

I was about to enter the facility but then another text drew my attention to my phone. It was another college friend wishing me prosperity and happiness exactly at 12 AM IST of March 4, 2017. She always calls and texts me on my birthdays ever since we became friends (that was 5 years ago). After that, I spent all day working. No texts, no phone calls. It was expected though. That was all I was going to get from India that day. I reached home at around 6 in the evening. I ate some food and continued writing my book ‘God of the Sullied’ #godofthesullied. After few minutes, my fast friend called me to wish me a happy birthday. He lives in Australia, so my birthday came to him prior to anyone else. We had some chit chat and then I went to sleep. A little after midnight, I got a call from my brother. I knew why he was calling, to wish me, obviously!

‘Hello!’ I said.

‘Bhaiya, iPhone khareedu ya Samsung?’ (Bro, should I buy an iPhone or a Samsung phone?) he asked. All my sleep vanished in a snap. ‘How come he forgot my birthday?’, I questioned in my mind.

Bhai (Bro) which month is it?’ I tried to remind him of my birthday.

‘March…Ooo… happy birthday Bhaiya! I remember your birthday… I was about to say happy birthday…’ he began justifying his fault.

‘It’s okay. Thank you so much by the way.’ We both laughed. I suggested him to buy an iPhone.

Next day was March 4th. As soon as I came downstairs, I got a nice birthday card. I had to go to my work as usual. However, I made some plans to go eat out with some of my loved ones in Canada. They are my home away from home.

I did not let anybody at my work know that it was my birthday. I don’t let people know my birthday, I don’t know why. That is the reason why I hide my birthday from Facebook few days before my birth date. I don’t want to receive hundreds of messages from those whom I rarely talk with, or whom I never had a word in my life before.

Anyways, while I was at work, I received birthday greetings from my bank in India; Runtastic sent me birthday wishes. Also, Twitter amazed me with its balloons flying upwards.

That is how Twitter greeted me on my birthday! Cool huh?

We rushed to a nice restaurant that caters Indian cuisine. We ordered lots of food. Tasty, delicious and mouthwatering food! Have you ever heard of Paneer Tikka by the way?

After we ate, I saw Inderjeet whispering something into the waiting staff’s ear. I knew something was going to happen. I had no idea what, until that waiting staff brought a big slice of red-velvet cake lit up with two candles on the top. The dish had one scoop of ice-cream on the side too. It looked so yummy. Although, I had decided not to eat any sugary stuff for at least six months, I had to taste that cake anyway. It was yummy, as it looked.

Meanwhile, we clicked lots of pictures together. Inderjeet gifted me a nice thermos and one Vega protein bar. I had no idea how she could guess that Vega protein bar is my all time favorite snack. Probably, she could guess as she knows I drink Vega Sports Performance Protein shake regularly. I shall not eat that bar though. Rather, I will keep it with me. Soon, I got texts form Anjali and Amrita wishing me a happy birthday.

I am thankful to those who unexpectedly made my day amazing. Also, I shall be thankful to those who minded their own business and did not ruin my day by getting in touch with me.

That was how I spent my 25th birthday.

What? Did I just say 25th??

Holy Molly!! Time flies!

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