Bye-Bye 2019. Welcome, 2020!

I woke up to my alarm at eight in the morning, and with one eye opened, tried to quickly locate the button on the iPhone to shut its annoying tone. Few random taps after, I was able to end it, claiming my victory over just another day in my quarter-life crisis. I left my bed in a snap, hoping to get ready for work in time only to be disappointed by heavy rains. ‘Rain… rain, go away! Come again… never,’ I thought while speculating how would I commute to work. I never used an umbrella in these five years in Vancouver. I now realise it has been five good years since I left Delhi, time flies! Although I am fine using public transit, I toyed with a sub-conscious idea of having a car that could at least prevent my work clothes from getting wet when it pours. Little did I know my wish was about to become reality today.

I was almost ready to leave when Anjali came down and asked if I was going to Metrotown, to which I replied yes. During my few-minutes ride, I enjoyed the song that was played. I have always liked her choice of music. It was just seconds before she would drop me to Skytrain station that I recalled my random thought of wanting a car that can save me from the rain. I thought of sharing it with her but couldn’t. Partially, because the station had arrived and mostly because it seemed too surreal to be true. It happens a lot of time that my sub-conscious ideas become real. Maybe, my thoughts linger on to the same frequency as hers, sometimes. A few weeks ago, I had to get off at a different station (Patterson) to hand over my co-worker’s lunch box. I wished if I could just go home from that station only. To my sheer surprise, Anjali was on the same train as I was and she told me her car was parked there, asking me to get off at Patterson so that we could go home. For a few seconds, I felt if I had some hidden superpower. Meh!

Work was chilled out at the airport, I barely did anything. In fact, the thought that I am getting paid to do my personal work in the office made me feel talented and smart, for no reason. I shared this ad for my publishing house on all my social media, received few new-year wishes from people in India, talked to Amrita and Inderjeet about few random things, took my lunch break (because I badly needed it as I was working so hard), finished some left-over personal work and punched out. Yay! On my way back, TransLink offered free rides to the public on New Year Eve. Though I still took out my compass card every time I came near the gates only to feel stupid of myself.

As I entered the house, I saw Nana Ji folding some clothes, Nani Ma cooking, Anjali sitting on the couch, coloring a book named Nature Color by Numbers. Yeah, she was coloring! Amrita is not here (she went to the US for some days), Inder, Hana and Paul couldn’t come to Burnaby this New Year’s Eve. They would probably pop by tomorrow. And I am trying to utilise my time. Therefore, this write-up!

2019 has been great for the most part. My novel God of the Sullied got some attention in the media, I visited some colleges and universities in Delhi in August/September and ended up selling about 500 copies. Its sequel Long Live the Sullied would be out on January 1, 2020. I also collaborated with amazing artists while on this project. I hope The Sullied Warrior Duology does well overall in 2020.

Besides, I got a $100 Best Buy gift card, a card and a few pairs of socks for my X-Mas gift. I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Mortal Kombat 11 with the gift card and now I know I’ll be happily glued to my PS4 Pro for a few weeks.

One good thing that happened late this year is my friend Manveen moved from Delhi to Vancouver. Past three months have been a lot less monotonous because of her. I also got a chance to catch up with my college-friend Sahil as he moved from Delhi to Victoria.

It’s almost midnight, nobody’s home but me. Nani Ma, Nana Ji just left, and so did Anjali. I am expecting Manveen’s call as she said she might call. And I am on a video call with her now! For real!! I told you my wishes come true, sometimes!

It’s 12 AM now! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2020. I would now play my video game :)

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