Somewhere between struggling to keep my head above the water and treading the desert of life, today… I found my oasis in you. The more I think about you, the more I want to know about you. The more I get to know, the less it becomes. So, tell me everything there is to know and to not know… for I want to become you.

I seek a lifetime’s worth of joy in the fraction of moments we spend together, delicately treasuring those bits… living and reliving them everyday over and over and over again and yet… unable to get…

I am surprised, seeing that I am writing my first and last post of 2020 on Medium, and realizing how unproductive I have been this whole year as a writer/blogger. Although I came up with the Hindi translations, Charitranayak Eklavya & Mahanayak Eklavya of my English novels, God of the Sullied and Long Live the Sullied respectively, I believe I could have utilized the lockdown period more efficiently. But I’ll let bygones be bygones.

Well, 2020 had been a tough year for everyone as COVID-19 flipped the world upside down. More than a billion (yes, billion!) jobs were lost, millions…

I woke up to my alarm at eight in the morning, and with one eye opened, tried to quickly locate the button on the iPhone to shut its annoying tone. Few random taps after, I was able to end it, claiming my victory over just another day in my quarter-life crisis. I left my bed in a snap, hoping to get ready for work in time only to be disappointed by heavy rains. ‘Rain… rain, go away! Come again… never,’ I thought while speculating how would I commute to work. I never used an umbrella in these five years in…

Front cover of Long Live the Sullied

Long Live the Sullied marks a deeper dive into the epic story, debunking mysteries of God of the Sullied that left you astonished.

There’s an eerie deafening silence in the royal palace of Rudraputra, scorned by multiple layers of armed guards. Someone knows something, something that no one is supposed to find out. Going back in the gallows of time, what if Eklavya was not the chosen one at Gurukul? Is there an alternative to the past?

Am I ready? I don’t want to lose! Victory is the only option! I will snatch it if I must. Either I’ll…

Now you have over a thousand reasons to work with us. Spoiler alert: They all are rupees!

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Hello! I am Gaurav Sharma, bestselling author of The Sullied Warrior Duology & founder of Think Tank Books, a Delhi-based publishing house.

We are interested in working with college/school students who can sell our published books offline in their college/school & earn (great) money on each copy sold.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You would get books for a discount of 55% on the MRP listed on the cover. Yes, brand new, premium quality books…

Hi! I am Gaurav Sharma, a bestselling author of God of the Sullied and now a publisher too. I founded Think Tank Books, a Delhi-based publishing house that aims on producing well-known, well-seen authors.

If you write to create an impact, reaching the widest audience possible for your book(s) by selling your book(s) in premium bookstores, you must have a look upon our submission guideline here. Think Tank Books is backed up by a team of young journalists, entrepreneurs and authors. Thus, we know what a budding author expects and dreams about.

If you have questions, reach me directly via WhatsApp on +16044991805 (Canadian number). It’s your time to become a bestselling author! All the best!

Front Cover of God of the Sullied

My novel, God of the Sullied was published on September 1, 2018 by Think Tank Books. It received great reviews from the media:

‘Gaurav puts a deliciously different taste in his stories.’ - Outlook

‘Fast-paced, intriguing and engaging, this story is a complete page-turner.’ - The New Indian Express

‘It is not often that writers manage to make the mythic interesting in modern times. Sharma’s ‘God of the Sullied’, excels in bringing a paced narrative that compels readers to leaf through the pages till the very end. It’s a sure shot page-turner.’ - Deccan Chronicle

‘A classic, timeless work that…

A reflection on how X Mas ’17 went. #Christmas2017 #AuthorGauravSharma #SpeakUpWriteAway #FamilyDiaries

This, my dear friend, is a Christmas Tree with balls, ribbons and some other cool stuff.

December 21, 2017: It snowed a little too much in Metro Vancouver. Had I been in the warehouse today, I would have shoveled off the snow. Luckily, I was out with the delivery guy. I came home a little late and was tired as hell, yet I had enough energy left to finish writing my short story. I opened my laptop, and before I clicked on my word file, I decided to revisit some photographs of last year’s Christmas. As I was glossing over the album, memories of…

It was eleven in the night of March 3, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. Almost everyone in my home was in deep slumber. It was time for me to go to bed. Had it been a normal day, I would have been lost in the world of dreams by then. However, it was not a usual day for me. As soon as India saw March 4th, my cell phone began vibrating like anything. I was prepared for this. I also knew who would call and text me on my birthday. Oh, yes! March 4th is my birthday! You don’t believe me…

Gaurav Sharma

In the kitchen, doing dishes | Author | Publisher @ Think Tank Books |

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